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Returning resident

My recent approved case, SB1 visa is the returning resident after being out of the United States for more than one year, Ignacio went to visit his other children in 2021, that live in Honduras and got very ill with COVID, then a major accident and lost the life of his youngest son may he re in peace, Ignacio and his wife were very ill and traumatized and not thinking of the length he’s been out of the United States so his other children that live in the US approach me to help there parents so they can come back to the United States, We finally got the interview date for Step 1 to go and have a appointment with the US consular officials they asked me to attend and I flew to Honduras for the interview and was able to attend the interview and then they were approved after several hours meeting with the consular officer then step 1 was completed and APPROVED, then we started with step 2, was the medical examination, then step 3 was the official visa interview and was APPROVED!! I am very proud to say Ignacio arrived with his visa in Boston, Ma. after a very long journey completed. Thank you Ignacio and your family for trusting me and my business. God bless you always. 

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